If it involves cabling – data or electrical – we do it.

We have technicians throughout New Zealand. Where necessary – on large projects in remote locations, for example – we engage trusted sub-contractors and industry partners to ensure we deliver a great result on time, and on budget.

We also pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and think on our feet. Given the fast moving nature of our industry, sometimes the answer is not in having done it before, but in finding a way to do something totally new.


We specialise in electrical maintenance, interiors and construction, installing everything from lights to high powered generators.

Data Cabling

We’re experienced in installing structured cabling that supports multiple hardware uses – now and well into the future.

Audio visual

Want a system that allows you to conduct remote face-to-face meetings with an interface that anyone can follow? Talk to us!


Wireless internet solutions are undoubtedly the way of the future, and we’ve invested heavily in building our capability in this field.


Welcome to doing business with ease and grace.


Lighting is always functional, but we believe it should also add to the aesthetic appeal of a work or living space.


MATV (Master Antenna Television) is how TV and FM signals are sent from one location to a number of different users


Adsel offers clients the full range of security options – access control, CCTV, home alarms and monitoring.

Phone systems

Voice communication is as critical in business as it ever was.


At the heart of a robust IT system is robust hardware.


If you want to take your business mobile – or you have a business model built around mobile service – talk to us today.