Vomo Island

Vomo is a private island in Fiji, offering 28 resort villas and four luxury holiday residences. Famous for its white sand beaches and clear blue waters, it’s one of the jewels in Fiji’s holiday crown.

In [year?], the resort needed to replace all lighting and switchboards, along with other electric cabling throughout its kitchens and villas. It was a substantial, four month, job requiring a crew of 50 in a relatively remote (albeit comfortable!) location.

Adsel provided a one-stop, end-to-end solution using a combination of local and imported crew. We broke the project down into mini-projects, of which 12 to 16 were “live” at any time. Careful planning ensured all the necessary materials were shipped in beforehand, so downtime was avoided.

One of the notable features of the project was the emergency lighting design – a safety feature to ensure that in the event of a fire, guests can safely find their way out of their accommodation to an assembly point.

The owners were delighted with the result, and Vomo Island continues to offer its guests a luxury holiday experience in one of the world’s most attractive tropical locations.