About Us

Adsel was formed in 2008 when Electrical Building Services merged with All Cabling & Communications.

Since then, the world has changed dramatically. Technology has seen smarter and faster IT, communications, security, audiovisual and payment solutions emerge.

Convergence, once a nice idea, has become a reality. Automation and its cousin, the Internet of Things, are taking the human element out of the equation, and allowing us to program machines to intelligently perform the right function as needed, when needed.

There’s hardly an area of modern life – work or home related – that has not been touched in some way by some or all of these changes.

One impact of that is that data cabling and electrics have also become increasingly complex.

It’s no longer enough to be a technician. The world needs specialists in the things we do. Experts who keep pace with changing technology and customer demands. Backed up by after sales service designed to keep everything humming, exactly as it’s designed to do. That’s exactly what you get when you work with Adsel.


Our values

Here’s what you can count on when you do business with Adsel.

Open dialogue: We’ll provide clear, detailed plans and won’t do things without your agreement.

Cost consciousness: We’ll deliver excellent work for a fair price.

Fussiness: We’re quite particular about how our work looks. That’s especially important when cables are visible, but even the cables that are tucked out of sight get the Adsel fussy treatment. We think care shown when it doesn’t obviously matter translates into care in everything.

Experts: The people who work on your project will know their stuff, including the latest and best technology available. You’ll be delivered a solution that’s appropriate and enduring.

After sales service: Installing the cabling is just the start. Getting the best from it and ironing out any bugs is the real test. We’ll be there long after the last cable tie is secured, ensuring you get great results from our work.

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